Definitions for "Prosthesis"
The addition to the human body of some artificial part, to replace one that is wanting, as a log or an eye; -- called also prothesis.
An external device that substitutes for an extremity, which has been amputated or is missing due to a congenital condition. A prosthesis provides function, safety, cosmesis, and stability.
an artificial form designed to replace a missing part of the body. Breast prostheses may be worn following a mastectomy.
Prosthesis or prothesis in linguistics and poetry (Greek pro "pre-" + thesis "putting") is the appending of a consonant, a vowel, or a whole syllable in front of a word, usually to facilitate pronunciation. It is a form of metaplasm.
a compromise with a condylar type of joint, such as the knee, where typically there is rolling and sliding of the condyle over a more or less flat surface
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The prefixing of one or more letters to the beginning of a word, as in beloved.