Definitions for "Master Data"
Keywords:  gln, gtin, mdm, neutral, supplier
Any item and party data applicable across multi-business transactions; it can be neutral – constant across all trading partners (e.g. product size, name of manufacturer) – or relationship dependent (e.g. price).
Master data is a data set describing the specifications and structures of each item and party involved in supply chain processes. Each set of data is uniquely identified by a Global Trade Item Number (GTIN) for items and a Global Location Number (GLN) for party details. Master data can be divided into neutral and relationship dependent data. Master data is the foundation of business information systems.
In R/3, data relating to individual objects, which remains unchanged over an extended period of time. Master data contains information that is used in the same manner for similar objects. Examples would be the master data of a supplier containing name, address, and banking information, or the master data of a user in the R/3 System, containing the user's name, authorizations, default printer, etc.