Definitions for "Data acquisition"
Usually refers to the automatic collection of data via sensors or measuring devices. Can also refer to the process of collecting data for subsequent entry into a computer.
Teams use sophisticated sensors, transmitters, computers and software to provide information on what the car and the driver are doing. Everything from engine stress to the driver's heartbeat can be monitored. The information is analyzed to improve handling, performance and even driver technique. Data can be acquired by connecting a computer to the car or by wireless telemetry.
Recording, usually in digital format, that can be measured or sampled with a electronic sensor.
The process by which events in the real world are translated into machine-readable signals.
converting an analog signal into a time series of digital values, with each value recording the signal voltage at that instant
The ability of an instrument to communicate measurement information as it occurs. The meter must be in communication with a computer for measurement storage to occur.
A term commonly used for equipment or software that gathers data from devices through a communications channel.