Definitions for "rda"
Recommended Dietary Allowances. daily recommended intakes of nutrients intended to provide for individual variations among most normal, healthy people in the United States under usual environmental stresses.
In single-copy sales, it is more or less standard for the retailer to be offered a 10 percent discount off the cover price of a magazine, in theory for guaranteeing adequate display of the magazine on the mainline or at the checkout (see definitions). The RDA is paid on top of the traditional 20 percent or more discount off of the cover price.
Recommended Daily Allowances. Percent or amount of proteins, fats, carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals that should be included in the daily diet. The estimated amount of all nutrients needed daily to maintain optimal health. These estimates vary for different conditions, ages and dis
remote data acquisition tool is used to transfer data through a network being able to guarantee their integrity.
A standard being developed to interconnect applications and databases. The standard originally attempted to cover any kind of data access and concerned itself only with effective dialogue management, but the complexity of so broad a scope has focused it more on Structured Query Language (SQL). An SQL specialization draft based on SQL2 is being developed as the first potential implementation of RDA.
Remote Data Access, usually to an RDBMS via SQL.
Requirements Development and Analysis
RURAL DEVELOPMENT AREA. Areas of rural England identified by the Rural Development Commission as suffering from concentration of economic and social problems and eligible for grant aid.
Regional Development Agency
Revista de Direito Administrativo
elational ata nalysis. A methodology for designing a database from the bottom-up. Used to isolate each discrete item of information which are then normalised and restructured to form entities. Designed to remove data duplication and data redundancy.
Records Disposal Authority
Records Disposal Authorization
Rubble Disposal Area
See "Records Disposition Authorization (RDA)"
Records Disposition Authorization. the document finalized by the State Archives that formalizes a retention period for a particular records series of a state agency
Resource Description and Access (successor to AACR2, in progress)
Registered Dental Assistant. A licensed person who may perform all procedures authorized by the Board and in addition may perform all functions that may be performed by a dental assistant under the designated supervision of a licensed dentist.
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Recurring Deposit Account
Resident Doctors Association