Definitions for "Smart Growth"
Smart growth seeks to identify a common ground where developers, environmentalist, public officials, citizens, and financiers can find ways to accommodate growth. It promotes compact, mixed-used development that offers a high-quality living and working environment and encourages a choice of travel mode - walking, cycling, and transit, while protecting environmental features and resources.
Form of urban planning that recognizes urban growth will occur but uses zoning laws and an array of other tools to (1) prevent sprawl, (2) direct growth to certain areas, (3) protect ecologically sensitive and important lands and waterways, and (4) develop urban areas that are more environmentally sustainable and more enjoyable places to live.
a planning policy that addresses sprawl by concentrating growth in currently developed areas and increasing the use of alternative modes of transportation. It is aimed at minimizing haphazard development, preserving open space, and reducing traffic congestion, while maintaining property values and economic activity.