Definitions for "Data Cleansing"
SAP NetWeaver Master Data Management (MDM) Process for identifying and correcting inconsistent master data and master data with errors on the master data server.
The process of correcting errors and removing inconsistencies before importing data into the warehouse.
The process of removing errors and resolving inconsistencies in source data before loading the data into a target environment.
removing inaccurate customer records, duplicate records or obsolete data from operational systems
The process of ensuring that a company's CRM data is consistent, accurate and recorded correctly. Data Cleansing is often performed on existing "legacy" systems that have duplicate records or that are plagued by poor querying and reporting due to "dirty" data. It is also a critical component of any new CRM implementation in an effort to ensure that the new system starts with "clean" data.
The process of ensuring that all values in a dataset are consistent and correctly recorded.
Used to clean up existing data stored in a database, including breaking data down into basic elements and transforming it based on standards.
The transformation of data in its current state to a pre-defined, standardized format using packaged software or program modules.
Checking the accuracy of our existing data (e.g. are names and addresses of staff completely up to date?).
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