Definitions for "historical data"
a compilation of past data or analyses of past data
Data sets from previous studies, which can range from handwritten field notes to published journal articles.
Data from previous time periods, in contrast to current data. Historical data is used for trend analysis and for comparisons to previous periods.
Past information about a company, used to help forecast the companys future;...
A series of recorded, past market prices used for analyzing the current market behavior and forecasting a company`s future.
Pertaining specifically to the menu and food production, information on numbers of students selecting a meal or a particular menu or portion and the particular circumstances impacting selections in the past.
Recorded transactions and information that is held in the database for a predetermined period. This information is available for recall.
Keywords:  weekly, daily, volume, series, monthly
A series of past daily, weekly or monthly market prices (open, high, low, close, volume, open interest).