Definitions for "Chapters"
Sections in the game. There are 8 chapters in all, and in each chapter you will pick up new Einherjar, and visit dungeons. There are also certain Divine Items that wont be available, until certain chapters.
The Acquis Communautaire, the EU body of legislation, is organised into theme-based sections called "chapters". There are 30 chapters in all.
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A DVD film can be divided into different chapters, much like a book. This permits easier navigation through a movie.
DVD discs can be split up into titles, and then further into chapters. For example, on a disc with multiple sporting events, each event may be designated as a separate title. Each period in the individual sporting event or title may be designated a chapter.
Think of your disk as compared to a book. The book has many pages in it. The pages would be comparable to your slides. The book has chapters in it. The chapters would be the same as "shows" on your disk. The book has a Table of Contents where each chapter's title is listed. Your DVD player will show a menu with each "show" displayed. We allow 12 "chapters" or "shows" per order. If you want any more than that, the cost is $1 extra for each extra chapter. Each Chapter would normally be identified on the DVD menu with the first image in each Chapter. We can add a Text Frame that will display your choice of words at the beginning of the "show" and this will display on the DVD menu. Comparison To Help Understand Slide Show Disk Book Slide Scans Pages"Shows" (Contain slide scans) Chapters (Contain pages) DVD Menu (Displays first slide in each "show.") Table of Contents (Displays title of each chapter.)
motorcycle clubs organized under the control of Harley-Davidson dealerships. The chapters are very well structured, their members have very varied duties (treasurer, road captain, safety manager, etc.). Their main aim is to promote motorcycling during group outings. They sometimes even organise charity events.
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Chapter units would provide a standard means of navigating through large chunks of the text-source.
A chartered undergraduate or alumnae unit of a national fraternity or sorority
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The Tournament of Bands circuit is divided into regional areas called Chapters. Egg Harbor Township High School is in Chapter 1.
Chapters is the third and last full-length album released by Christian rock band Forever Changed.
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Of Men and Names