Definitions for "Special Edition"
Printing translated manga in the original Japanese format (which is read right to left and bound on the right side rather than the left) is becoming the norm with graphic novels, but translated individual issues are still often presented in American format. A Special Edition tag on U.S. manga releases refers to an individual issue or older graphic novel that is printed in the original Japanese format.
An edition of a work or works, reissued in a new format, sometimes with an introduction, appendix, or illustrations, and having a distinctive name.
a lighthouse issued other than as a limited edition or open edition, such as Harbour Lights Collectors Society exclusives, or for sale at in-store events, or at a Collectors Reunion.
Special Features, Audio commentaries, Alternate Ending, Extra footage not originally contained in the original or theatrical release. Director's running commentary, film scores without dialogue and various other features use one of a disc's four discrete audio tracks.
An informal term to describe a DVD release with significant extra material in addition to the main feature. Often these are two-disc sets, with the second disc devoted entirely to the bonus material. See also Special features.