Definitions for "Screener"
Keywords:  voters, critic, movie, distributor, dvd
A screener is a preview presentation of a movie for cinema's and award reviews. So this is basically a video (video tape or DVD) send out by the movie companies to show their products. Usually these are of high quality with either (or both) black and white scenes every now and then or text scrolling by notifying that this is an illegal copy. Some bozo's confuse this with the very poor quality CAM recordings.
a copy made for the critics before the movie has been released
a copy of a movie sent to exec's and critics)
A screening questionnaire, as used by recruiters to determine who is eligible to attend a group discussion. There are also screener questions, asked early in a questionnaire to weed out those not eligible to answer the remaining questions.
A question that is used to identify qualified respondents.
A series of questions used to determine if respondents are qualified to participate in a specific study. Screeners are used for qualitative and quantitative research. Typical items include organization size, vertical industry, and job title.
The offensive player who stands between a teammate and a defender to give their teammate the chance to take an open shot or drive to the basket.
the offensive player who stands between a teammate and a defender to gives his teammate the chance to take anopen shot.
a guard at an airport who checks passengers or their luggage at a security checkpoint
an individual within an organization who is responsible for evaluating the potential value of a salesperson's product or service to a particular decision maker and taking action accordingly (i.e., passing them along to the appropriate person, asking them to send something in the mail, etc.)... also called a gatekeeper.