Definitions for "Checkpoint"
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A consistent snapshot of a system state (the state of all pages and nodes, and therefore of data and keys) from which a restart can occur. Checkpoints are insurance in case of system (hardware or software) failure. See "Journaling" and "Persistent virtual memory".
A copy of the underlying server metadata at one moment in time. This is one half of the journaling process.
a database event which synchronizes the modifies data blocks in memory with the datafiles on disk
a guard in code, which protects particular functions
a roadblock which is guarded by soldiers of the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) - the Israeli army in the Palestinian territories
Roadblocks at which Palestinians are forced to show their ID Cards to IDF personnel. Much of the harassment in the territories occurs at checkpoints in the form of body and car searches, or simply being made to wait for hours on end.
(1) A sequence of instructions in a computer program for recording the status of execution for restarting. (2) A point at which information about the status of a job and the system can be recorded so that the job step can be later restarted. IBM.
A point within a level from which a player can start from after he is shot down after reaching or passing it, instead of at the beginning of the level, usually featured in memory shmups. Some use the term checkpoint to refer to the respawn feature, but the term is more accurately used to describe a specific, “set in stone” point in a level, as opposed to any random instant-restart point.
A regular technical and manager ial control point. [D03808] PNG
A conspicuous feature on the terrain used to check one's progress toward a destination
Any of several points in the eukaryotic cell cycle at which progression of a cell to the next stage can be halted until conditions are suitable. ( Figure 13-34)
Point in the eucaryotic cell-division cycle where progress through the cycle can be halted until conditions are suitable for the cell to proceed to the next stage.
The place where the pack must look for the trail. Checkpoints are placed at intersections so that hashers must go down several roads and encounter numerous checkbacks before finding the correct trail. One should not call "On On" after a checkpoint unless one actually sees the words "On On" written on the ground.
Checkpoint is an American novel written by Nicholson Baker in 2004.
a military installation
a police action at a given location where vehicles are stopped and the drivers briefly questioned
a predetermined point used as a means of controlling movement, such as a place where military police check vehicular and pedestrian traffic, to enforce circulation measures and other law, order, and regulations
"Checkpoint" is the twelfth episode of season 5 of the television show Buffy the Vampire Slayer.
a comprehensive tax research system including RIA's Federal, State, Local, International, Estate Planning, Pension, Benefits and Payroll products
a short question meant as an immediate feedback mechanism for the reader to evaluate his or her level of comprehension
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Integrated solution to trap spamers and to generate information about sender, type of spam, promoted product and location of the used servers.
a biochemical pathway that ensures dependence of one process upon another process that is otherwise biochemically unrelated
a place (as at a frontier) where travellers are stopped for inspection and clearance.
a required safety stop at a pre-defined location on the course
a complete resource for tax research
a resource for accounting and tax research
a tool for accounting and tax research
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An Access Keys criterion which gives one accessibility requirement that a website should meet.
Checkpoint is the name of two fictional characters in the Transformers universes.
an opportune static target and is subject to manipulation in many ways
a consistent view of the system
a transaction consistent state that spans over one or more tables
Control item with a means (factor); requires immediate judgment and handling must be checked on a daily basis.
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method for saving the state of a running job and useful for recovering the good portion of a long job after an error
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a relatively expensive process