Definitions for "Archiving"
The practice of storing old data files on separate disks to make room for new files on the hard disk. Businesses often use WORM CDs for archiving.
(v) A term used to describe the storing and retrieval process for engineering documentation. Although originally involving paper documents, the term increasingly refers to the storage of computer-generated information on magnetic or optical media.
The process of putting documents that are no longer active into storage.
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Recording and storing
Storing encoded audio on a server ready for streaming on demand. Return to
Images are digitally archived or saved often on CD-ROM. Information necessary to reproduce the print is also archived, including ink, tables, sizes and media used.
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(see Databank)
"A computing term that has little to do with archival concepts and practices. It refers to the procedure for transferring unappraised non-current information or data from the active system […]." (KA, p.464)
archivage Material is hosted on an institutional server and there is an intention to keep the intellectual content of the material available on a permanent basis. Archiving is used in the broad sense to cover the concepts of collecting, preservation, and provision of long-term access. Source: National Library of Canada – Networked Electronic Publications Policy and Guidelines
a much faster and immediate route to the research information that is needed urgently in this fragile and widely information-starved planet
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a direct avenue to OA that does not require the funding, let alone the funding ingenuity, of OA journals
Saving the current start and finish dates of tasks so they can be compared with dates from later schedules. Producing archives is a useful way of comparing actual progress to planned progress. Archives are also referred to as "Baselines".
Saving the state of an object and restoring it.
Saving deleted records on the desktop computer during synchronization operations. Archived records are not synchronized even if the user modifies them.
a step toward peer-review reform when it is an independent variable compatible with any position on peer review
a path of equal value and greater convenience
Retaining web-based records, for as long as those records have value. See the Guide's Archiving online resources page.