Definitions for "File maintenance"
(ANSI) The activity of keeping a file up to date by adding, changing, or deleting data.
Any task you carry out to organize files and folders on your system.
The process of deleting, copying, moving, and generally organizing files logically in folders in a hierarchal disk structure.
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Tenue de fichiers
The processing of a master file required to handle the nonperiodic changes in it. Examples: changes in number of dependents in a payroll file; the addition of new checking accounts in a bank.
This procedure is commonly used for arranging any accounts in a general ledger, assigning account numbers, and keeping those records current.
Procedures that keep data current. Also called data maintenance. 13.6- 10
The application of records management principles and techniques to filing practices in order to maintain records properly, retrieve them with efficiency, ensure their integrity, and make their regular disposition more practical.