Definitions for "MENDING"
skilled women’s work that reconstructs the pattern in defective or damaged woolen or worsted cloth.
the act of putting something in working order again
Mending is referred to as the fixing of something that is broken. Sometimes this can mean clothing like mending a skirt or a shoe, but it can also mean to mend something abstract like a relationship with another person. During the time when New France (Canada) was being set up people rarely threw out clothes and mended everything until it was unfixable.
garments that must be repaired
(Picking) A hand operation carried out on carpet before finishing to remove any knots and loose ends of yarn, to insert pile tufts where missing, and to replace and repair backing yarns as required.
To dream of mending soiled garments, denotes that you will undertake to right a wrong at an inopportune moment; but if the garment be clean, you will be successful in adding to your fortune. For a young woman to dream of mending, foretells that she will be a systematic help to her husband.