Definitions for "Read Only"
Used as an adjective, referring to a file or a disk on which files are stored. A read only file can be accessed but not altered and a read only disk cannot be saved or written to.
Cannot be altered. Files copied onto a CD become read only. You can mark your own files as read only to protect them from accidental or thoughtless changes. If you want to make changes to a read only file, open it, click "Save as" on the file menu, use a different name and work on the copy. You can also, if you're sure, right click on a file, choose "Properties", and uncheck the read only box. To do this to a whole bunch of files, select them all, right click on any one of them, once again choose "Properties". You can then uncheck the box for all of them at one time. You can't change the read only attribute of a file on a CD. Windows fusses when you've copied files back from a CD and are rearranging them. Don't be fazed. ALPHABET
When a computer file or data cannot be altered or added to.
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Specific chip design whereby the chip has information written into it during its manufacture. This information can only be read from the tag and can never be changed.
A tag that allows information to read but prevents data from being changed.
a replication type inwhich the slave systems read from their local database and write to one master while the master updates the slaves.
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This refers to a document you can open, but cannot make changes to.