Definitions for "Back-Up"
A second copy of your work should something go wrong with the hardware upon which your files are stored. The Computer Centre backs-up all the work on the file servers every night, so you do not have to worry about this, it is done for you. Return
Backing up information refers to creating copies of files which are stored in a safe place. It automatically safeguards your phonebook contents against phone loss, damage or theft, while eliminating the need to manually transfer contacts when you replace or upgrade a phone.
Duplicates of computer-based information, either on tape or as floppy disks, in case the original is damaged and unusable, or stolen.
A section of a lighting control board (sometimes a separate unit) which provides an alternative method of control should the main board fail.
A performer hired to work only if the designated principal doesn't perform satisfactorily.
An item kept available to replace an item which fails to perform satisfactorily.
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an outfit consisting of a large reel filled with 130 dacron connected a pair of floats and release clips. Used in case of a passenger has hooked into a cow tuna and is getting spooled.
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a necessity, as I'm well aware, and now would be a good time to do it
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Printing on the reverse side of a sheet.
To print on the reverse side of a printed sheet.
A compressible material used at the base of a joint opening to provide the proper shape factor in a sealant.
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(1) When bond yields rise and prices fall, the market is said to back-up. (2) When an investor swaps out of one security into another of shorter current maturity, he/she is said to back up.
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