Definitions for "Synchronized"
Keyword that indicates that a method or block of code is not allowed to execute simultaneously within multiple threads.
A keyword in the Java programming language that, when applied to a method or code block, guarantees that at most one thread at a time executes that code.
The keyword synchronized denotes methods that can only be executed by a single thread at a time. In cases where multiple threads need to access/modify a shared piece of data, it may be vital to use synchronized methods in order to maintain data integrity. Because synchronized methods ensure that a thread is able to obtain a lock on the object (a.k.a. a semaphore), calling a synchronized method will be, in general, slower than calling a method that is not.
A chronobiological term used to indicate that two or more rhythms recur with the same phase relationship. In EEG it is used to indicate an increased amplitude and usually a decreased frequency of the dominant activities.
operating in unison; "the synchronized flapping of a bird's wings"
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To make synchronous, that is, digital communication (as between computers) in which a common timing signal is established that dictates when individual bits can be transmitted, in which characters are not individually delimited, and which allows for very high rates of data transfer