Definitions for "Semaphore"
A signal telegraph; an apparatus for giving signals by the disposition of lanterns, flags, oscillating arms, etc.
A synchronization mechanism based on a "semaphore" abstract data type with the following characteristics. A semaphore has a value that is constrained to be a non-negative integer. The allowable operations on a semaphore are V ("signal") and P ("wait"); both are atomic operations. A V operation increases the value of the semaphore by one. A P operation decreases the value of the semaphore by one, when that can be done without violating the constraint that the value be non-negative (i.e., a P operation that is initiated when the value of the semaphore is 0 suspends until the value becomes positive).
A flag used to indicate that a routine cannot proceed if a shared resource is already in use by another routine.
a multiple mutex
a permission to use a system resource, such as a location in memory, that may be "locked" by a process performed by the computer system
a type of binary mutually-exclusive lock (thus the alien-sounding term mutex)
A movable blade or arm mounted on a mast used to signal trains whether the track ahead is clear.
A trackside signal which uses a movable arm to convey track occupancy information to the train crew.
an apparatus for visual signaling with lights or mechanically moving arms
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Semaphore is an album by Fridge released March 16, 1998.
Semaphore is the 2004 7" single by the New Zealand post-rock band Jakob. The title track is taken from the album and the b-side is a previously unreleased track taken from the initial (abandoned) Cale:Drew recording session. Semaphore was written during the sessions for Subsets of Sets.
a primitive first proposed by Edsger W
A programming language primitive that enables mutual exclusion to be achieved. Unlike monitors, the code to do this ends up distributed throughout a program making it difficult to maintain and prone to errors.
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SkinLF speech straw man syntax
What you do with your hands when talking is too hard and telepathy not quite working. Note: this doesn't work well on telephones.
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an ideal object for controlling access to a connection pool
a software object
a System V IPC object that is used to control utilization of a particular process
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See Colour Changer.
a value that is checked before access is granted to another group of memory locations
sentinel value
Keywords:  inward, outward, cpu, sort, pin
a status register bit, addressable in the inward direction by the local CPU, and directly connected in the outward direction to a communications pin of some sort
a classic concurrency control construct
Keywords:  wait, algorithm, continue, event, needs
an algorithm used when there are two processes, and one needs to wait for an event in the other, to allow the first to continue
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convey by semaphore, of information
a switch in an operating system program
A method with which multiple applications can coordinate related operations using messages.
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a generalisation of a monitor
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