Definitions for "IPC"
See Interprocess Communications
Inter-process communications, a set of methods which can be used to exchange information between UNIX processes. Methods of IPC typically include shared memory, message queues, and semaphores.
Interprocess Communications - The methods of performing I/O between local applications. Typical IPC methods include the use of shared memory, pipes, message queues, and sockets.
Indice de Precios al Consumidor
Indice de Precios al Consumo
Indice de Precios de Consumo
Integrated Pollution Control. Applied by the Environment Agency under the Environmental Protection Act 1990 to control the most complex and polluting industrial processes. It integrates the control of emissions to air, land and water and seeks the best overall option
Integrated Programme for Commodities, concerted attempt to control price fluctuations in commodities on which LDC's depended for foreign exchange income (see UNCTAD, GSP)
Supervisory Control And Data Acquisition (SCADA)
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Institute for Interconnecting and Packaging electronic Circuits (
Institute of Interconnecting and Packaging Electronic Circuits
Industrial Policy Committee: highest-level advisory body to ESA, consisting of national representatives
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The Instructor Preparation Course developed by MSF provides instruction on how to teach the MRC:RSS or BRC curriculum and is taught by MSF-Certified RiderCoach Trainers. The course is approximately 65 hours (course schedules vary) and is intended for licensed motorcyclists who currently ride frequently and have several years of varied riding experience. Requirements include taking and passing the following elements: a riding-skills test, a knowledge test, and a student teaching component.
instructor pilot course
International Petroleum Corporation, a Canadian corporation; it owned a 40.375 percent interest in Block 5A as lead consortium partner; it also acquired a 10 percent interest in Arakis in 1995, sold in 1998. IPC was folded into its parent Swedish corporation, Lundin Oil AB, in 1998.
Iraq Petroleum Company
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Intellectual Property Committee
Iran Policy Committee
Investor Protection Committee. Divisions of the ABI and NAPF set up to monitor their positions as shareholders.
International Patent Classification. Classification list available online at
Intellectual Property Crime. the counterfeiting or pirating of goods manufactured and sold for profit without the consent of the patent or trademark holder.
Internationale Projekt Consult (a German consulting firm)
Intermittent pneumatic compression
Image Processing Card. A board mounted in either the computer, scanner or printer that facilitates the acquisition and display of images. The primary function of most IPCs is the rapid compression and decompression of image files.
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Illustrated Parts Catalog, the ATA's term for EPC.
Instructions Per Clock: a measure of how many instructions a CPU is capable of executing in a single clock. Since different processor architectures have different IPCs, clock frequency x IPC is a much truer measure of processor performance than clock frequency alone.
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Indian Penal Code
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see In-House Rep above.
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Sales staff employed to sell to existing owners who are staying at the resort. See In-House
Investment Partnerships Canada
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Initial Planning Conference
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Information Presentation Component