Definitions for "LSL"
Link Support Layer. I know what it stands for but I do not understand what it is for.
Link Support Layer. A layer within the Novell ODI driver specification which allows multiple protocol stacks to access a network card simultaneously.
Link Support Layer; serves as an intermediary between IPXODI and the link driver. See Appendix C, ``NetWare DOS Requester'' for more details.
The ISO currency code for the Lesotho Loti.
In currencies, this is the abbreviation for the Lesotho Loti.
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Less Strongly Lateralized. In a standard brain, the left cerebral hemisphere is larger than the right. A Less Strongly Lateralized (one-sided) brain generally has greater hemispheric symmetry, a larger corpus callosum and greater inter-hemispheric communication, than the asymmetric norm. Anomalous Cerebral Laterality is a special case of a LSL brain — one that is the result of anomalous hormonal influences in utero. See text, Chapter 4. See also, " Anomalous Cerebral Laterality," "brain," "brainwave coherence," "cerebrum," " cortex," "corpus callosum" and "temporal lobe."
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Liberty Shoes Ltd
Laminated Strand Lumber. LSL is manufactured from thin strands of wood up to 12" in length with all grain laid-up parallel. LSL can be manufactured using various species of wood fiber in various dimensions.
Lower specification limit. In statistical process control, charting the line that defines the minimum acceptable level of random output. See: tolerance limits.
Abbreviation for lower specification limit.
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Long service leave