Definitions for "Data Link Layer"
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Layer 2 in the OSI model. The Data Link Layer defines procedures for data transmission, retransmission, error detection, and error correction. The Data Link Layer is divided into two sub-layers, namely LLC as the upper sublayer and MAC as the lower sublayer. Ethernet, Token Ring, Frame Relay, ATM, and PPP are examples of Layer 2 protocols. Also see OSI model.
The second layer of the OSI Reference Model. The OSI model has been designated by ITU and ISO to enable data communication between different computers, and it standardizes both the overall network structure as well as protocols used therein. Data Link Layer is responsible for transmitting data between relay points. see OSI Reference Model
The network protocol module (defined as level 2 by OSI) which defines how packets for a specific type of LAN or network trunk line are addressed, structured, & delimited. The Data Link Layer has an interface downward to the Physical Layer, & upwards to the Network Layer.
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