Definitions for "Open Systems Interconnection"
A 7-layer architecture model for communications systems; the OSI model was created by the International Standards Organization (ISO). [ Picture
A framework of the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) standards for communication between different systems made by different vendors, in which the communications process is organized into seven different categories that are placed in a layered sequence based on their relationship to the user. Each layer uses the layer immediately below it and provides a service to the layer above. Layers 7 through 4 deal with end-to-end communication between the message source and destination, and layers 3 through 1 deal with network functions.
A communications model developed by the International Standards Organization (ISO) to define all of the services a LAN should provide. This model defines seven layers, each of which provides a subset of all of the LAN services. This layered approach allows small groups of related services to be implemented in a modular fashion that makes designing network software much more flexible.
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