Definitions for "TLI"
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See Transport Layer Interface (TLI).
Transport Layer Interface. An SVR4 (AT&T System V, Release 4 Unix) communications layer that sits at the same level as BSD (Berkeley Software Distribution) Unix sockets.
The standardized System V Unix application program interface (API) to network and interprocess communication. It allows the user level program to use communication services provided by underlying communication protocols.
Trans-Lunar Injection. The maneuver by which a spacecraft leaves earth orbit and enters a trajectory intended to take it to the moon. TLI for the Apollo missions was accomplished using the S-IVB engine.
Telework Leadership Initiative. An effort to mobilize employers to start or expand teleworking programs; through TLI, The Clean Air Campaign provides professional consulting services and financial resources to selected employers.
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Terrain Line Interpolation
Abbreviation for top-level item, used in the User Forums. In this manual we use the term goal.
Terminating Line Identifier - the number of the target telephone called.