Definitions for "High Technology"
Products that embody relatively intensive research and development , (R&D) inputs, either directly at the final manufacturing stage or through the intern1ediate ..components used in their production. Numerous classification schemes have been proposed in academic studies and international discussions to designate high-technology industries, but all have shortcomings. (For example, technologically "mature" products such as industrial chemicals and consumer electronics make up a significant proportion of high technology as delineated by some R&D-based definitions; see discussion under product cycle.) As a rule of thumb, high-technology industries can be designated as those producing microelectronics, computers, telecommunications equipment, machine tools and robotics, aerospace equipment, scientific and precision instruments, medicine and biological compounds, and specialty chemicals including certain advanced materials.
Synonymous to Cutting Edge technology and State-of-the-art technology.
highly advanced technological development (especially in electronics)
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