Definitions for "ncp "
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NetWare Core Protocol. Novell's NetWare specific routing protocol.
Network Control Protocol.
NetWare Core Protocol. Novell protocol that gives applications and client/server connections.
National Car Parks. The company provides parking enforcement and related services to Camden council.
ational Oil and Hazardous Substances Pollution ontingency lan, which implements CERCLA.
National Congress Party
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Own-account trader (Négociateur pour Compte Propre) "NCP" - Natural or legal persons authorized solely to trade for their own account.
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ncp can copy files between networked computers and accounts without hassles , and you do not even have to name the target machine if it is in the same LAN. npush and npoll can copy files between machines without having the specify or even know the machine name in advance.
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noncustodial parent
Non-Custodial Parent
North Celestial Pole. A direction determined by the projection of the Earth's North Pole onto the celestial sphere. It corresponds to a declination of +90 degrees. The North Star, Polaris, sits roughly at the NCP.
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A Unix system unit containing the software used to set up, configure, and operate the switch. Each switch contains an NCP, connected to the switch using an OC-3c connection on port 1 on the MSU3 card in slot 1.
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nasal cavity, posterior region
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Acronym: 'Nice Cover Partner'
Notice of Compensation Payable: document filed by WC carrier to officially acknowledge work injury
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The News Corporation Limited