Definitions for "Peer-to-Peer"
In networking, communications between equals with no central system or device providing coordination.
Peer-to-peer networks are network systems without central access control in which all computers have equal privileges. Example: a link between two PCs for the purpose of copying or matching data.
a network communications protocol where messages between devices are not managed by a central mediator. LocoNet is an event driven peer to peer network.
Any interaction or communication between two learners. for example, a group of nutrition students collect data at different school cafeterias, enter into a handheld and send to other groups members so that they can compare data.
a replication type inwhich reads and writes are local and each system is responsible for sending changes to all other systems in the distribution. Two types: synchronous and asynchronous.
a term used by engin to describe the ability to call someone who has the same softphone setup.
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Said of an information system when the participants are both "users" and "service providers."