Definitions for "ara "
networking:(Apple Remote Access) Apple software that allows a Mac to connect to an AppleTalk network over a phone line.
Apple's AppleTalk Remote Access application which allows a remote PC to function as if it were local on the network. .
Appleshare Remote Access
The Altar; a southern constellation, south of the tail of the Scorpion.
an altar of resting place for a deity.
Argentinian Austral
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Amsterdam-Rotterdam-Antwerp area – a port and refining area in the Belgian-Dutch region. A cargo or barge of a refined product traded on a cost insurance and freight (CIF) ARA basis means that ports within this area are covered in the cost. A cargo traded on a free-on-board (FOB) basis means the oil can come from any of these ports.
Air Rocket Artillery
aerial rocket artillery. A Cobra AG-1H helicopter with four XM-159C 19-rocket (2.75 inch) pods.
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A name of the great blue and yellow macaw (Ara ararauna), native of South America.
Arachidonic Acid ((18:2n-6) - expressed as a % of Lipid, an omega-3 long chain polyunsaturated fatty acid. Brine Shrimp/Artemia (Zooplankton) A arthropod that is commercially harvested as a feed product for the aquaculture industry. It is found world wide in hyper saline bodies of water such as the Great Salt Lake in Utah and the San Francisco Bay.
expression of surprise or shock. This is usually the feminine term; the masculine variant is oro.
american radio association.
Australasian Railway Association
Associate Royal Academician
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Aravali Hostel. One of the 5 male undergrad hostels at IIT Delhi.
itas Fried "spiders" made of julienne strips of green plantains.
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Ara is a command-line utility for querying the Debian package database. It has a query syntax allowing you to search for boolean combinations of regular expressions. It includes a simple syntax and line-editing. A graphical interface, xara, is also provided.
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Ara is a web browser based RPG writen in PHP and uses a MySQL database system.
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Another Roadside Attraction
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Agent Reporting Agreement. Section 80 of the IAH. The legal contract between ARC and the travel agent by which the "Agent" is appointed to act on behalf of the "Carrier."
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Auxiliary Reactor Area
Area Referee Administrator - Assists in the day to day referee operations within your local league or area. This may include course planning, assessments, re-certification requirements and more. If you need something or need to know where to turn for an answer, chances are the ARA can help you. See the list of ARAs.
Assistant Regional Administrator
An appraisal designation for Accredited Rural Appraiser awarded by the American Society of Farm Managers and Rural Appraisers.
One of the six divisions of time. Runs from thousands to billions of years. The 5th Ara already started some 2,500 years ago.
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path or road
Appropriate regulatory authority
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