Definitions for "on-line"
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connected by a communications line to a computer. Opposite of off-line.
being in progress now; ongoing; as, on-line editorial projects.
Pertaining to devices that are electronically connected to a network. Computers and other devices that are on-line are accessible through the network they are attached to, be it a local network or the Internet.
Live and viewable content via the internet.
a free Web-based version of the AIDA simulator which allows the effects of changes in insulin and diet to be simulated free-of-charge on the Internet
a unique Internet based website, providing a one-stop source for global business information
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Sobriety Test
a web site for the United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA)
a website designed to provide up-to-date information about the Teachers Retirement Association (TRA) of Minnesota, our benefits, services,
a website geared towards assisting businesses involved with international trade
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an important step for UK ufology
Upmarket technology, the UPS provides perfectly stable and interrupted power to your protected equipments.
use of a process viscometer to provide continuous viscosity measurement of a material during processing.
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a members only section of the CCIA web site
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Live access to data, as is the case when data is held in RAM.
Access to information by direct interface to an information data base via electronic networking.Source: EPO.
available for access by a user
an electronic publication of the Florida Police Chiefs Association
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The concluding electronic editing stage in which all editing takes place on a Standard Definition or High Definition finished master.
The process of final editing and preparation for distribution of film, with edits often from a list of changes created during off-line.
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where the birds sit
an excellent resource for employers
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Action taken on the system