Definitions for "Communications controller"
Keywords:  inp, psi, ibm, interlinked, processor
A type of front-end processor, such as an IBM 3705, 3720, or 3725, that communicates between the communications facilities and a host computer. IBM supports both programmable and non-programmable communication controllers. Hewlett-Packard's INP and PSI are kinds of communications controllers.
A device used to support communications between the mainframe computers and the end user devices such as terminals, personal computers and printers.
A front-end processor that provides an interface between the communications facilities and a computer. IBM provides programmable and non-programmable communications controllers, such as the IBM 3705, 3725, and 3745 Communication Controllers. The Intelligent Network Processor (INP) on MPE V and the Programmatic Serial Interface (PSI) on MPE XL are HP communications controllers.
A unit responsible for sending and receiving data to and from a communications cable.