Definitions for "Network Interface"
The physical point where the building or equipment wiring interconnects with the Local Exchange Carriers.
Any device that permits connection to an external network. In telephony, a network interface is generally a locked box on the exterior of a residence in which connections may be established to the Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN). In the context of a Local Area Network (LAN), a network interface is generally a device, such as a gateway, that serves as an interface to the external network for all devices on the LAN.
The physical interface that allows a user to connect to the integrated services digital network (ISDN).
a device for sending and receiving packets on a network
a piece of program code that sends and receives calls to perform a program function
The software that formats packets at the network layer into packets that specific network adapters can understand and transmit.
A device or equipment making possible interoperation between two systems.
a device that allows you to communicate with your network
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activity or event common to two or more network diagrams.
a separately linked database containing code necessary to abstract link-level protocols
Boundary between a carrier network and a privately-owned installation.
the means by which users access a network for the purposes of communicating across it or retrieving information from it.