Definitions for "Terminal Server"
Keywords:  asynchronous, lan, ppp, serial, modem
A special purpose computer that has places to plug in many modems on one side, and a connection to a LAN or host machine or router on the other side. Thus the terminal surpasses the connections on to the appropriate physical port.
A piece of equipment that allows serial line devices to connect to a network. Simple terminal servers only allow dumb terminals (perhaps via modems and telephone lines) something like telnet access. Sophisticated terminal servers allow (semi-)intelligent terminals (e.g. PCs) to connect to the network using higher-level protocols (e.g. PPP). If connections are only via modems, then this equipment may also be referred to as a modem server.
An electronic device containing communication ports that may be configured in various ways in order to serve various types of devices. Normally used to obtain increased routing efficiency among such devices as display terminals modems and computers.
a technology that allows users to login and access their own virtual desktops that are independent of whatever PC they may actually be working on