Definitions for "Adapters"
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An adapter is a mechanical device designed to align fiber-optic connectors. It contains the split sleeve, also known as the interconnect sleeve, that holds the two ferrules together. Adapters can help mate or connect a variety of fiber optic cables together. Learn more about Adapters...
Where BNC connectors are required with RG6/U coaxial cable, it is recommended that an F type plug be crimped to the RG6/U and an F type to BNC adapter used. Coaxial Cabling Glossary and Terms Coaxial Cabling is a two conductor closed transmission medium that is often used for the transmission of RF energy. The system offers tight control over electrical impedance. This yields excellent performance at high frequencies and superior EMI control/shielding when compared to other types of copper cabling. Coaxial cabling is commonly found in test environments as well as in broadcast and networking systems. Listed below are some common terms and definitions that are related to coaxial cabling
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Used to mount hubless drums or rotors on the arbor of a brake lathe. Check Valve - A valve that allows full pressure to the drum brakes. Upon release of brakes, it holds slight line pressures of 8-15 PSI. Usually is not used in disc brake system. Exceptions are import cars.
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Adapters are printed circuit boards that enable a personal computer to use a peripheral device - such as a CD-ROM drive, modem or joystick - which it does not already have the necessary connections, ports, or circuit boards for.