Definitions for "Loopback"
A diagnostic test in which a signal is transmitted across a medium while the sending device waits for its return.
Test of the performance and quality of a line and/or terminating equipment. See Analog loopback and Digital loopback.
A method of testing systems where transmitted signals are returned by the receiver (or other intermediate device) to the transmitter so that they can be compared with the original data.
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A mechanism for configuring user policy based on the computer account. A common use of this is with Terminal Servers, where the user policy must be defined for all users of the server. Replace mode ensures that the effective user policy is defined completely by the GPOs associated with the computer account. By comparison, Merge mode ensures that the user policy is derived from both the computers GPOs and those of the user (with the computer GPOs taking priority).
"When a bean, within and method, invokes its own methods, directly or indirectly it is known as a loopback."
a virtual interface that is always up
virtual network interface of a machine to itself, allowing the running programs not to have to take into account the special case where two network entities are in fact the same machine.
The routing of messages from a node back to itself.
A loopback uses SQL*Net to go from the server right back to itself. Performing a successful loopback verifies that SQL*Net works on the server.
Mechanism that allows you to open a connection to a computer that does not go over the network.