Definitions for "DCD"
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Stands for Data Carrier Detect. A handshake signal used to regulate the flow of data between the computer and a peripheral device.
Data Carrier Detect. This is a hardware signal that indicates when a modem is online and capable of transmission.
see Data Carrier Detect.
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Developmental Cognitive Disability. A condition resulting in significantly below average intellectual functioning and concurrent deficits in adaptive behavior that adversely affect educational performance and require special education and related services. Alternate terminologies in a range of functioning from mild to severe include EMH or EMR (Educable Mentally Handicapped or Retarded), MMR (Mildly Mentally Retarded), and TMH or TMR (Trainable Mentally Handicapped or Retarded).
Developmental Co-ordination Disorder
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abbrev. Distal Carina Denticle count per 1mm
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Deseret Chemical Depot
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Deep Channel Design (DCD)woofers use a deeply grooved pole plate that enables the voice coil to travel farther for greater output without bottoming.
Dynamic Cooling Device
Dynamic Compound Deposition. This term is used to designate a family of proprietary low temperature coatings. The DCD process is used to synthesize numerous dry-film lubricant and wear resistant coating compositions. DCD is based on the principle of in situ mechanical activation and chemical transformation, and leads to considerably decreased friction coefficients and increased durability of the coating layers. DCD process is primarily suited to anti-friction, slide-wear, and high-load applications.
Device control process. A JUNOS software interface process (daemon).
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See Duty Cycle Distortion Jitter.
Governmental acronym for Domestic Collections Division (Central Intelligence Agency).
Division of Child Development
the former Department for Community Development (now Family and Children's Service).
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