Definitions for "Dtr"
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Data Terminal Ready. The DTR signal is sent from the computer to the modem, to let the modem know that the computer is ready to communicate.
Data Terminal Ready. This is another control signal that says that modems have completed their initial configuration session and are ready for transmission.
see Data Terminal Ready.
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Deep Tendon Reflexes
deep tendon reflex
double treble Sl1 slip next stitch knitwise gram(s) Sl1P slip next stitch purlwise
double treble (UK: trtr-triple treble)
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"Define The Relationship" The conversation had by two people "involved at some level at which one (usually the girl) seeks raise her status from booty call to steady girl. It basically means if you expect her to keep putting out, its time to get serious, bro. "Where is Ryan tonight?" "Oh man, his old lady pulled a DTR"
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Detail Transaction Report. A report run in SAP which lists all charges posted to a cost object for selected fiscal periods as well as the open commitments. It is used by supervisors and others to monitor expenditures and balances and to manage MIT cost objects. The DTR is located in the Reports folder under the Role ZMIT folder on the SAP User Menu screen or by clicking on the DTR button after the Summary Statement is executed.
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Designated Trading Representative (a person who may enter orders into the ASX SEATS and/or DTP systems).
acronym for Dietetic Technician, Registered.
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Deterministic Bit Rate
In relation to ADR, DTR refers to the training required by drivers of vehicles transporting dangerous goods including fireworks. ADR specifies limits of fireworks above which driver training is required.
Abbreviation for Diurnal Temperature Range, the range of temperature over a 24-hour cycle.
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Dedicated Token Ring
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Derived Test Requirements