Definitions for "MIT"
Massachussets Institute of Technology
Massachusetts Institute of Technologies
From Glossary of "Weaving the Web" ( 1999-07-23) See LCS. Cohost of W3C. mobile devices Pagers, phones, handheld computers, and so on. All are potentially mobile Internet devices and Web clients. The MIT home page
assachusetts nstitute of echnology.
The Motorcyclist In-Traffic test is an on-street riding test developed by MSF that includes the assessment of 8 to 11 riding behaviors and rider judgment in actual traffic situations.
Flex A test whereby a filter media specimen is rapidly flexed in an arc under a specified load until fabric rupture occurs. Test conditions are usually: 270° arc, 180 cycles/minute, 4-pound load, 1/2-inch width specimen.
Multifinger Imaging Tool. Various sizes of Sondex Multifinger Calipers.
MARKET IF TOUCHED. An order that may be executed only if the market reaches a specified point. (NOTE: Not all exchanges accept MIT orders.)
Market if touched. they are the opposite of stop orders. Buy MIT’s are placed below the market and sell MIT’s are placed above the market. It is usually used to enter the market or initiate a trade. It becomes a market order once the limit price is touched or passed through. An execution may be at, above or below the originally specified price.
Market If Touched. An order that becomes a market order when a particular price is reached. A sell MIT is placed above the market; a buy MIT is placed below the market. Also referred to as a Board Order.
Minimal invasive therapy. another term for keyhole surgery.
an engineering university in Cambridge
Miles in Trail. A specified interval between aircraft expressed in nautical miles.
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Turkish intelligence agency
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Managed Information Tree
Management Information Tree.
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Mixed account Mixed bag