Definitions for "BSI"
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Boot Sector Infector (= BSV - Boot Sector Virus)
See: Boot Sector Infector
A U.K. standards body, headquartered in London.
British Standard Institute
British Standards International
Blood Stream Infection
Body substance isolation. generic infection control precautions for all clients except those with diseases transmitted through the air
BODY SUBSTANCE INSOLATION. A system of barrier techniques and practices used by health care workers to prevent contact with all moist, wet body substances, non-intact skin and mucous membranes.  This is practiced for all patients at all times.  One category of isolation, Respiratory Precautions, is also utilized as indicated.
Bundesamt für Sicherheit in der Informationstechnik
Base Station Identifier. A Morse code signal that is automatically transmitted every thirty minutes, broadcasting the system identification of that site. The BSI is transmitted on the lowest frequency used at that site. This signal is sent in order to conform to FCC regulations.
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Board of Steamship Inspection
Brief Symptom Inventory. An assessment device sometimes used in gambling treatment. The BSI is not concerned with gambling per se.