Definitions for "OMA"
Open Mobile Alliance - An organization with broad wireless industry participation that seeks to establish standards that foster interoperability between mobile devices and services. The OMA has subsumed a number of other industry organizations such as the WAP forum, SyncML Initiative and the Wireless Village Initiative.
Open Mobile Alliance
Open Mobile Alliance Partner
This suffix means "tumor" or "lump." It typically, but not invariably, refers to a NEOPLASM ("GRANULOMA" is an exception). In referring to neoplasms, benign ones are typically referred to by a word, the prefix of which refers to the organ or tissue of origin, followed by the suffix "-oma." For example, leiomyoma, osteoma, chondroma, adenoma, and hemangioma, refer to benign neoplasms of smooth muscle, bone, cartilage, glandular tissue, and blood vessel tissue, respectively. The analogous terms for malignant versions of these neoplasms are, leiomyoSARCOMA, osteosarcoma, chondrosarcoma, adenoCARCINOMA, and angiosarcoma.There are exceptions to these vocabulary rules. For instance, hepatomas and melanomas are all malignant. Other tumors, such as those of the adrenal glands, cannot be classified into benign or malignant categories based on pathologic appearance. Only their behavior in time shows their true colors. An example is pheochromocytoma (a tumor of the adrenal medulla), ten per cent of which are malignant, but we don't know just by looking at the tumor if a given case will fall into that ten per cent.
(suffix) tumor. e.g. osteoma - tumor of bone.
a suffix meaning "tumor" or "lump."
An Object Management Group (OMG) architecture that defines and organizes the types of objects that provide standard services for distributed, object-oriented applications. In essence, the OMA provides a conceptual description of what distributed objects are and which infrastructure facilities are needed to support them. See OMG.
Object Management Architecture: a set of standards under study by OMG, on which CORBA is based.
Refers to the Object Management Architecture.
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OMA was the callsgn of a Czech longwave time signal station (frequency: 50 kHz) . OMA was radiated from RKS Liblice 1 with a power of 5 kilowatts. OMA, which could be also used for steering radio controlled clocks, was shut down in 1995.
ORDERLY MARKETING AGREEMENT. An international agreement between an importing country and one or more exporting countries under which the exporting country or countries agree to limit the quantity of a certain product which they sell to the importing country over a stipulated period.
Orderly Marketing Arrangement
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tumour retinoblastoma = tumour of the eye
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organization of Angolan Women
Optical Modulation Amplitude
Optical Zoom OS
Order Making Authority. The authority with statutory powers to make orders will depend on the nature of the Order but is likely to be either the County or the District council.