Definitions for "Wap"
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Wireless Application Protocol. A secure specification that enables users to access and send Intenet information instantly via wireless devices.
Wireless Application Protocol. Provides instant, secure access to e-mail and text via cell phones, pagers and other hand-held devices.
Wireless application protocol (WAP) is the first global standard for Internet services over mobile phone networks. It is capable of displaying "mini websites", which look simple when compared with normal websites but which already provide a variety of powerful services, including banking, ticket purchase, news updates and more. See the WAP Demo for more information.
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To beat; to whap.
A blow or beating; a whap.
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Web Pump well known ports Window WinZip
Waste Analysis Plan. A plan that outlines the procedures necessary to ensure proper treatment, storage, or disposal of hazardous waste.
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Scripting language
See Low-Income Weatherization Assistance Program
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Weed Action Plan