Definitions for "Wireless Internet"
Keywords:  wap, imode, chtml, hdml, wifi
a technology that enables a cell phone or other wireless device to access specially formatted Internet content via wireless networks. Several different standards exists: HDML, WML, cHTML, and xHTML. Also known as "Wireless Web" or "WAP".
Technology that enables computers equipped with wireless network cards (also called WiFi) to connect to the Internet without requiring wired connections such as phone lines or cables. This service generally requires an additional fee and a sing-up process.
Connection to the Internet via satellite or a terrestrial transmission network, instead of through a phone cable. Currently through WAP or iMode (q.v.) or else via direct (one or two way) satellite connections which some specialist service providers make available at a price.
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a kind of "federated" system, whereas USC has a "central" system