Definitions for "pager"
A small electronic communication device which signals when a telephone call has been received at a base station. Each such device receives radio signals from the base station specifically coded for the individual to whom it is registered; the signal given by the device to the registered user may be a beeping sound, indicating that the user should call the base station to receive a message; or it may display a telephone number to which the user may call directly to return the incoming call, or may display a short message. Such devices are small enough to carry in the pocket or pocketbook, or to clip onto a belt or other part of the clothing. Also called beeper.
A small personal radio receiver that gives an light, sound or vibration notification when it receives a radio signal containing its unit-specific code. Pagers can also reproduce sounds and display text messages. Some pagers (two-way pagers) are capable of transmit a radio signal acknowledging receipt of the message. Although the term has fallen into disuse, pagers are sometimes still referred to as "beepers,"
Picocell Predictive Text Entry
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a bleeping pain in the hip
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a bit outdated," he admits
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an excellent way to stay in touch with your child while you are away
a one-way communication system
a simple, convenient way to stay in touch
a reminder of unfinished personal business
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Similar to a normal pager but signals that the car is being broken into with a range usually over a kilometre.
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a program that allows a user to scroll through long documents
An X program that allows the user to see and switch between multiple "desktops".
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A pager telephone number