Definitions for "RTS"
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Ready to Serve
Ready To Send. EIA/TIA-232 control signal that requests a data transmission on a communications line.
Ready To Send·¢ËÍ×1/4±¸3/4
real-time server
Real Time Strategy game. You are usually a commander of some sort, and the view is often top-down. Your missions usually involve crushing the enemy forces by military means (building an army and ruining the enemies' base(s)), but can also be based around destroying certain buildings, retrieving an artifact, or reaching a particular point in the tech tree. A typical RTS will have worker units to build buildings and gather resources (gold, gas, wood, minerals, stone, etc.), and troops to fight the battles. An RTS player's skill is usually measured by his micro.
Real Tracker sample
Return to Sender. Term indicating that the item of mail is to be returned to the sender as it is undeliverable, does not bear postage, is short paid or bears a DO NOT FORWARD endorsement and the addressee has filed a Change of Address Notification. (renvoi à l'expéditeur)
Repatriation Transport Scheme
Roads Training School
Research Training Scheme. scheme that provides funding to cover the tuition fees for domestic postgraduate research students for a term of entitlement based on the course of enrolment. This means two years full time equivalent entitlement for Masters by Research and four years full-time equivalent entitlement for doctoral research programs.
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Really Truly Starcraft.
Requisition Time Schedule. A schedule issued by the State Purchasing Bureau that designates the dates that requisition for various categories of purchase will be required during the calendar year.
See Requisition Time Schedule.
Rehabilitation Technology Suppliers. these are the professionals who sell you your wheelchair. This means that they specify the order to the manufacturer, deliver the chair to you and adjust it to your needs and later service or repair your wheelchair. They are also sometimes called Durable Medical Equipment salespersons. Scooter versus Power wheelchair - both are forms of indpendent power mobility.
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"Revolt in the Stars" film by L. Ron Hubbard) concerning events on this planet which happened 75 million years ago.
See Run-time System.
Relative Time Sequence, a list of Spacecraft and Instrument commands accompanied by relative command execution times.
Remote Traveler Support Subsystem
Regulatory and Technical Services
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Reliable Transfer Service.
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Read The Screen