Definitions for "DSR"
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An RS-232 modem interface control signal (sent from the modem to the DTE on pin 6) which indicates that the modem is connected to the telephone circuit. Usually a prerequisite to the DTE issuing RTS.
Data Set Record
Stands for Data Set Ready. A handshake signal used to regulate the flow of data between the computer and a peripheral device.
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Drive Success Rate, or the percentage of time that a team will get a first down or touchdown in a given set of four downs. Introduced in the Pro Football Prospectus 2005 essay "Debunking the Myth of Drive Momentum" by Tim Gerheim and Jim Armstrong.
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Dummy sealing receptacle, glass reinforced epoxy, stainless steel or aluminum, dummies off BCP, CCP
Diploma of the Society of Radiographers SM (London) Society of Miniaturists
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Defense Subsistence Region
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DataSet Record
dynamic spatial reconstructor. Scanning device used to see the blood flow through the brain. Computer generated, it produces three-dimensional pictures of the active brain.
Daily Safety Report
data structure report. The 'Structure Report', as defined by Historic Scotland, is designed to be the immediate product of excavation: an intermediate summary to define the questions and funding of post-excavation analysis.
Designated Substance Regulation
Downhill Speed Regulation
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Debt Servicing Ratio. The Debt Servicing Ratio measures how easily you can afford the mortgage payments. It is the percentage of the persons income available to service debt. The DSR is calculated in different ways by different lenders. However, the principle is the same: they merely apply different percentages. The equation is loan payments divided by eligible income. Lenders generally allow 30% to 35% of your own income and 80% of your rental income to be eligible income applied to loan payments.
Debt Service Ratio.
Debt service reserve
Discontinued Service Retirement. involuntary retirement which provides an immediate, possibly reduced, annuity for employees who are separated against their will.
Distribution Separator Reflector
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WP Driver or Active Designer File
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Down stage right.