Definitions for "Designer"
One who produces or creates original works of art or decoration.
the person who creates the artwork that is the basis for a stamp. Most stamps were once designed by employees of the BEP (e.g. Smith, Huston, Meissner, McCloskey and Chickering). More recently the Postal Service has relied on non-government employees for designs.
The primary graphic artist who will design the graphical interfaces for the site.
a person who specializes in designing architectural interiors and their furnishings
a person who takes the map from the architect and from it completes a working design based on, for instance, Microsoft or Java
A professional (typically non-licensed) who designs houses or elements of a residence, including interior design, landscaping and more.
a marketing and advertising professional, a planner, a strategist, a communicator, a high-skilled professional, and much more
a planner with an aesthetic sense
a professional who develops solutions to commercial needs that require the balancing of aesthetic and technical requirements
A person who designs high-fashion clothing and accessories. Often the designer is also the manufacturer of the clothing and/or accessories associated with the name of the individual designer.
a person who devises solutions to design problems
a person who devises plots or intrigues; "he is believed to be the principal designer of the terrorist bombing attack"
a graphical modelling tool for developing test cases
a layout and simulation tool for Quantum-Dot Cellular Automata developed at the ATIPS laboratory at the University of Calgary
an engineer, a registered sanitarian, or a person who is certified by the county to perform site and soils evaluations and to develop and submit designs by matching site and soil characteristics with appropriate technology.
In studio animation, the person responsible for the overall look and style of the film.
the registered engineer representing a firm, association, partnership, corporation or any combination of these who is responsible for the supervision or preparation of plans and specifications associated with storm drainage facility improvements.
an object that is responsible for managing the design time, behavior, and appearance of components on the design surface
the supplier who, working with a contractor, is responsible for the design of the scheme
An expert surfboard shaper or rider who originates ideas for surfboard shapes (see shaper).
A professional who can work with you before hiring a contractor to help formulate your ideas, and facilitate conveying the ideas you have for your project to your contractor.
a helper application that you load into the Visual Basic IDE
a visual communicator, one who has studied typography, use of imagery, photographs, color, mood, contrast, etc
3D Animation Audio Creative Graphics Video Development Team
a nondenominational, ecumenical possibility, not a dogmatic formula
a good fit for most clients moving to a new area because they are not sure where to go to find painters and handymen who are reliable," Navara said
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See HostRAD Designer.
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See HotRAD Designer.
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A plotter; a schemer; -- used in a bad sense.
This is a rather apparent one. The designer is the individual who handles and coordinates all aspects in creation of a doll.
The interface of a control used by a developer at control design time. A control designer is the control creation equivalent of a form.
a step above the dressmaker, as you sew for individual clients using your own designs, rather than sew from patterns
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One who designs, marks out, or plans; a contriver.
a Venue and a Finder The Site functions as a venue to connect buyers and service providers in a virtual marketplace
The Oracle Graphics executable used to design a display.
Somebody who makes and executes designs.
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a licensee of the TRUSTe Privacy Program
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A specialist in illegibility.
This is the role of deciding needed functionality and then figuring out the best way to implement this functionality in the system. So far, everyone in the group has done some designing in the Online Commons system.
an online auction for all kinds of business-related projects
a regular poster there if wanting to ask any questions
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a natural, appealing
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a college graduate with a design degree (B
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XML See: i-net Designer XML
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a partner of industry
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the designer of a style sheet
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someone who designs clothing
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an object that only exists at design time and that connects to an object that normally exists at run time