Definitions for "Patterns"
Recognizable regularities in situations such as in nature, shapes, events, sets of numbers. For example, spirals on a pineapple, snowflakes, geometric designs on quilts or wallpaper, the number sequence {0, 4, 8, 12, 16,...}.
In masonry there are many regularly used methods of laying units which create recognizable patterns that have been name, i.e,. running bond and basket weave.
Regularities in situations such as those in nature, events, shapes, designs and sets of numbers (for example, spirals on pineapples, geometric designs in quilts, the number sequence 3, 6, 9, 12,...).
Patterns is an album by jazz vibraphonist Bobby Hutcherson, released on the Blue Note label. Although recorded in 1968, the album was not released until 1980. "A Time to Go" was composed by James Spaulding as a tribute to Martin Luther King, "Effi" was composed by Stanley Cowell as a dedication to his wife, and the remaining pieces were composed by Joe Chambers.
A pattern is used to group certain strings together. Thus, if we would like to group all php filenames in a filename list, we would match every filename to the "*.php" pattern. Patterns usually contains wildcards. If they don't, they will only match with themselves ("myscript.php" will not match with "myotherscript.php". However, "my*script.php" will.). In Webguru, paterns are used in groups, filters and URL parameters.
in literacy, the association of sounds with patterns that enables the learner to understand better the sound and the sense of words and constructions, and thus obtain meaning from text; in numeracy, a systematic arrangement of numbers, shapes, colours or other elements arranged according to a rule.
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The style of the lines made on the EEG printouts during biofeedback work, caused from the many levels of brain wave consciousness with variations and similarities so as to categorize a scale of these patters for the future.
any repeating sequence.
The movements that prices make as they zigzag their way along a chart form "patterns". Technical analysts look to this history of repeating patterns as having a predictive value. The patterns are given names which roughly describe the shapes they draw on the charts: head and shoulders top, head and shoulders bottom, symmetrical triangle, ascending and descending triangles, double tops, and double bottoms. (See more information on Patterns).
Patterns was a live dramatic television show, later developed into a feature film. It was written by Rod Serling.
Random short-term statistical trends, not to be confused with long-term statistical averages. The short-term trend may be better or worse than the long-term average.
The drills used in teaching a dog to handle. Usually occurs during the transition stage and are used for confidence
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These are certain types of elements used to create a design on the field and borders of a rug.
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A model or guide to make identical or nearly identical objects over and over again.