Definitions for "Naturalistic"
Closely resembling nature; realistic.
A realistic representation based on observation.
representing what is real; not abstract or ideal; "realistic portraiture"; "a realistic novel"; "in naturalistic colors"; "the school of naturalistic writers"
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A type of scientific study in which researchers look at the behavior of persons or objects in their usual or natural environment.
art work that looks like the subject it is trying to represent
Describing art in which the subject is rendered as closely as possible to the way it is seen by the human eye. Contrast STYLIZED and ABSTRACT.
level: Basic (2) [ order by level] Category of moral theories asserting that morality can be derived from, or defined in terms of, natural or empirical phenomena.
level: Overview (0) [ order by level] Devoid of belief in anything supernatural.
characterized by naturalism in any form (e.g., philosophical, theological, biological, psychological); see naturalism
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Belonging to the doctrines of naturalism.
Naturalistic carving imitates real life, attempting to make carved objects appear as life- like as possible.{empty