Definitions for "Ave"
An ave Maria.
ABSTINENCE VIOLATION EFFECT. A term used to describe a variety of changes in beliefs and behaviours that can result from engaging in a lapse. Among the components of the AVE are - a sense one is weak-willed and unable to create personal change, an expectation that failure is unavoidable, and the Problem of Immediate Gratification. When sex offenders are not prepared to cope with AVE, the likelihood of relapse increases. The AVE is expected most strongly when clients believe that lapses should never occur. In other words, feeling bad and thinking that you are a failure and no good. Thinking that you can't stop yourself from offending so what is the point of trying. When you feel like this and don't do anything about it, you will be very likely to commit another offence.
ARIS Value Engineering. Combination of methods and ARIS tools for the creation and continuous use of comprehensive business process management. Using the integrated ARIS Value Engineering (AVE) approach, IDS Scheer consultants examine their client companies as unified wholes. AVE supports the complete implementation of a process-oriented organizational structure or the optimization of entire value-added chains. It also includes solutions for specialized tasks such as the implementation of process controlling or process-oriented ongoing development of IT systems.
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A reverential salutation.
Alliance of Veterinarians for the Environment
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Access Validation Engine. Verizon System that will validate an ASR prior to it being accepted by Verizon ordering applications. Learn more.
average min.- minute
The average value of a particular parameter such as voltage or current.
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Arithmetic mean
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Alt Added Value Electronics