Definitions for "Modular design"
Keywords:  mtoe, ncoic, mogas, sealift, msr
A simplified graphical method of locating pumping stations (except station 1) and pressure-reducing stations. MO Missouri MOGAS motor gasoline MSC military sealift command MSR main supply route MTOE modification table of organization and equipment NATO North Atlantic Treaty Organization NCOIC noncommissioned officer in charge No. number
Keywords:  xilinx, ise, lorries, fpga, tenets
Xilinx ISE tool option used for complex FPGA design
A design approach that adheres to four fundamental tenets of cohesiveness, encapsulation, self-containment, and high binding to design a system component as an independently operable unit subject to change.
Information system project design that breaks the development of a project into various pieces (modules) that each solves a specific part of the overall mission problem. These modules should be as narrow in scope and brief in duration as practicable. Such design minimizes the risk to an organization by delivering a net benefit that is separate from the development of other pieces.
Keywords:  tints, layout, visual, technique, rules
Layout technique using rules, tints, colors, and white space to place items related to each other within a visual group.
Group of executable instructions with a single point of entry and a single point of exit.
The use of standard sized building materials that allow fast assembly without custom fitting or excessive waste material.
Construction with standardized units or dimensions for flexibility and variety in use.