Definitions for "MSR"
Magnetic slot reader. An optional device used with a 3270 to read magnetic strip card data.
a device that recodes the magnetic strip on a swipe card
Magnetic Swipe Reader.  (CUTE Workstation Peripheral). Serial port device that reads data encoded on magnetic stripes.   A magnetic stripe is a small length of magnetic tape adhered to items such as credit cards.
achine tress ated Lumber that is graded for strength by testing equipment as opposed to visually inspected and rated.
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Melody Star Records. The company where Oni belongs. nighttime Oni's active hours. Oni A variant of Onichii. Literally, an ogre or a demon. Pronounced as O-knee.
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edium ource are earth lamp. Discharge lamp with a colour temperature of 5600K. They have excellent colour rendition. Their strike voltage is often lower than that of similar HMI lamp
High efficiency discharge lamp with a high color temperature.
Missile Site Radar. A high capacity, multi-faced phased array radar used for ICBM re-entry vehicle target tracking and defensive missile tracking and guidance. Term also used to refer to the entire MSR complex. More information.
missile simulation round
Morgan Stanley Realty. MSR provides a broad range of investment, financing and advisory services to domestic and international real estate companies through three distinct groups: The Real Estate Banking Group, the Real Estate Debt Capital Markets Group (REDCM) and the Morgan Stanley Real Estate Fund (MSREF).
Mountain Safety Research; a US company that produces stoves, tents, snowshoes, and a wide variety of other outdoor products. The term MSR may be applied specifically to their snowshoes. I have found their products to be tough and reliable, over 10+ years
Microwave Scanning Radiometer
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Maple Shade Rescue
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Methane Steam Reforming.
Motor Slip Regulation
Merchant Service Representative. A merchant service representative who contracts to an independent sales organization.
Merchant Shipping Regulations
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Mars Sample Return
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Marketed Surplus Ratio Nitrogen
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Monthly Status Report. Refer to MSR for definition. Used with the page pointer to indicate that there are more pages associated with the current screen. See: ACES User Manual
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Main Supply Route