Definitions for "CVC"
Vehicle Code
See Card Validation Code.
Card Verification Code. A number printed on the back of MasterCard credit cards. By making this number a requirement when collecting card holder information merchants can reduce the risk of fraud and charge backs.
Central Venous Catheter. a tube surgically placed in a large vein in the upper chest or neck (e.g., Opti Flow, HICKMAN® Catheter, Quinton, GROSHONG® Catheter). Fluids, such as blood and/or chemotherapy, may be infused through this catheter and blood samples can be withdrawn from it.
Central venous catheter. A special thin, flexible tube placed in a large vein, usually in the chest, neck, or upper arm. It can remain there for as long as it is needed to deliver and withdraw fluids.
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Consell Valenciano de Cultura
A sequence of onsonant owel onsonant, in reduplications such as šokšok "to wrinkle" and aqlamlam "to chew."
Chief Value Cotton. A term used to designate that a certain fabric has the majority of its value derived from cotton.
The CVCs are the intrinsic elements of value for the brand common to all regions and countries.
Continental Value Contribution. CVC represents the absolute amount of additional value created, and the Delta CVC represents the change in absolute value creation over the prior year. Value is created when the actual return (ROCE) exceeds the required minimum. The required minimum return is derived from the weighted average cost of capital (WACC) for the Continental Corporation. CVC is measured by subtracting the minimum return from the actual ROCE and multiplying the net difference by the operating assets as of the balance sheet date. This change in the absolute contribution allows us to monitor the extent to which management units generate value-creating growth or employ resources efficiently.
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circuit virtuel commut
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Chauffage Ventilation et Climatisation
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Centrelink Virtual College
Certificate of Veterinary Checks
The Conary version control program, called cvc, handles build and source management, and is responsible for all changes to the Conary repository.
Corporate Venture Capital. A subsidiary of a large corporation, which makes venture capital investments.
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Clear Voice Capture